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      <br><br>Lithium cyanide – inorganic compound, salt of lithium and hydrocyanic acid with the formula LiCN, colorless crystals, soluble in water.<br>Physical properties<br>Lithium cyanide forms colorless of rhombic system, space group P bnm, cell parameters a = 0.652 nm, b = 0.873 nm, c = 0.373 nm, Z = 4.<br><br>It dissolves in water.<br><br>It is highly toxic, MPC = 0.3 mg / m³ (with mandatory control for hydrogen cyanide HCN).<br>Chemical properties<br>Lithium cyanide, when heated to high temperatures (> 600 ° C), decomposes into lithium cyanamide and carbon.<br><br>In an of carbon dioxide, when heated to similar temperatures, it decomposes to lithium oxide and nitrogen oxides.<br><br>It is displaced by stronger acids with the formation of hydrocyanic acid and the corresponding lithium salts.<br>Synthesis<br>One of the methods for producing lithium cyanide is the interaction of lithium metal with a solution of hydrocyanic acid in benzene or with organic cyanonitriles.<br><br>A less common option is the interaction of butyllithium with a strong liquid acid, which can also form lithium cyanide.<br>Toxicology<br>Lithium cyanide is highly toxic. It is formed in lithium batteries from when it interacts with sulfur dioxide. After discarding such batteries in a landfill, the ingress of water and moisture (in the presence of carbon dioxide from the air) leads to the release of hydrocyanic acid. The Agency and the US Department of Defense, after research, concluded that the formation of hydrocyanic acid in lithium batteries is one of the main contributors to environmental pollution caused by batteries containing lithium.<br>

Mostrando 0 respuestas a los debates
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