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      <br><br> ( QB, or „QBasic») is an integrated development environment and compiler for the Basic programming language, developed by Microsoft from 1985 to 1988. There were versions for DOS and Mac OS. The BASIC dialect used is based on the GW-BASIC dialect, however, compared to it, it is much more advanced: there is support for user-defined types, structured programming constructs, support for graphical and disk operations is significantly expanded, programs are compiled, not interpreted. The product was positioned on the market as a transitional version to Microsoft BASIC Professional Development System.<br>Story<br>DOS version 1.0 was released in 1985. Starting with version 2.0, an integrated development environment appears with a visual source code editor.<br><br>Notable innovations in the language include the absence of line numbering; later versions added control structures such as multi-line conditionals and loops to the language.<br><br>The last released version was 4.5 and was released in 1988. In 1990, version 4.5 was re-released with a changed structure of the installation disks. The development of QuickBASIC as the Microsoft BASIC Professional Development System continued until version 7.1, which was released in 1991.<br><br>In 1988, QuickBASIC 1.00 was released for Macintosh computers; system requirements included 1 megabyte of RAM and an operating system version of at least 4.10 and Finder at least 5.50.<br><br>A stripped-down version of QuickBASIC 4.5 called QBasic was distributed from MS-DOS version 5 and later, as well as various Windows versions.<br><br>QuickBasic 4.5 has been available for download from Microsoft’s MSDN subscriber site for a while.<br><br>Since 2007, independent developers have been developing a cross-platform compiler QB64 (originally – QB32), which implements QuickBASIC, extended with modern tools for working with graphics, music and the network.<br>

Mostrando 0 respuestas a los debates
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