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      <br><br>Monsters – a village in the Samoilovsky rural settlement of the Boksitogorsky district of the Leningrad region.<br>Name<br>Comes from the word „chud» – the chronicle name of a number of tribes of the Baltic-Finnish group.<br>Story<br>According to the Xth revision of 1857:<br><br> WONDERS – a village owned by Ertel: households – 45, inhabitants: 88 m., 108 f. n., 196 people in total.<br><br>According to the zemstvo census of 1895:<br><br> WONDERS – a village, former peasants Ertel: farms – 40, inhabitants: 101 m., 107 f. n., total 208 people.<br><br>At the end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th centuries, the village administratively belonged to the 1st zemstvo section of the 3rd camp of the Sominskaya volost of the Ustyuzhensky district of the Novgorod province.<br><br>At the beginning of the 20th century, there was a zhalnik near the village.<br><br>„List of populated areas of the Novgorod province» described the village as follows:<br><br> – the village of the Chudtsovsky rural society, the number of yards – 51, the number of houses – 96, the number of inhabitants: 135 m., 150 f. P.; Occupations of residents: forestry, church services. Tikhvin post tract. Stream and wells. Church, chapel, school, small shop. (1910)<br><br>According to the 1917 edition of the military topographic map of the province, the village consisted of 48 peasant households, to the west of the village there was a manor of the same name.<br><br>From 1917 to 1927, the was part of the Soviet volost of the Ustyuzhensky district of the Cherepovets province.<br><br>Since 1927, as part of the Chudetsky Village Council of the Efimovsky District.<br><br>Since 1928, as part of the Zagolodnensky village council.<br><br>According to 1933, the village Monsters was a member of the Zagolodnensky village council of the Efimovsky district.<br><br>Since 1952, as part of the Samoilovsky village council of the Boksitogorsky district.<br><br>Since 1963, again as part of the Efimov Village Council.<br><br>Since 1965, again in the Boksitogorsk region. In 1965 the population of the village was 324 people.<br><br>According to data from 1966, 1973 and 1990, the village Monsters also was a member of the Samoilovsky village council.<br><br>In 1997 in the village Monsters Samoilovskaya volost was home to 43 people, in 2002 – also 43 people (Russians – 98%).<br><br>In 2007 in the village Monsters Samoilovsky JV had 36 people, in 2010 – 35.<br>Geography<br>The village is in the central part of the district on the A114 motorway (Vologda – Novaya Ladoga).<br><br>The distance to the administrative center of the settlement is 12 km.<br><br>The distance to the nearest railway station Koli on the Volkhovstroy I – Vologda line is 2 km.<br><br>The village is located on the left bank of the Khvoenka River.<br>DemographyChurch<br>The wooden church in the name of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos was built in 1901. It was closed in 1941, and then moved to another place and was used as a House of Culture. Disassembled in 1999.<br>

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