Download GPX routes from STRAVA

Download GPX routes from STRAVA

The sports social network par excellence, does not allow downloading the Strava GPX files from other users. You can only download the own routes that we have made previously.

If we want the Strava GPX we should have a Premium account. That is, if we want to make the route in mountain bike that a user made and I want to load it on my smartphone, or GPS device: Garmin, Suunto, Polar, TwoNav, then you can use the following way to do it, there are other possibilities to do this action.

gpx de Strava

The first option

Through raceshape the steps to follow are very simple:

    • Go to Strava and look for the activity that we want to load in our GPS device. Once the desired activity, we copy the link address that appears in the address bar..
    • We go to the web: and in the empty field we paste the address that we copy and we give it «get started». Then we click on the bottom part and it will download a * .crs file

  • We go to the web: and in the «convert» section we select our .crs file and choose the output format (there is a huge amount).
  • Ready, we offer to download the Strava GPX file to use it freely as we wish.

I have detected that in some moments this functionality is not available, for this I leave below a link of another method to perform the action.

The second option

Descargar GPX de Strava

IBPindex allows you to evaluate with a multitude of data to see what kind of routes you have made or are going to carry out, very useful for unknown routes that we are going to carry out.

To download the GPX is very easy, you search in strava the route or activity you want and paste it in the ibpindex page in the Strava section, you give Analyze and it returns a page with the difficulty report of that route, to At the end of the page you have different formats to download, .gpx, .trk, .kml, .tcx, .plt or the pdf report.

More info in the specific post here.

The third option

If you have Firefox installed you have another option

Instalar addon Strava para descarga de GPX

With the Mozilla Firefox browser you can install an addon to download a track in a GPX file.boton GPX export para strava con addon de Firefox

A fantastic addon, a GPX export button appears that downloads the file without further ado. Awesome, right?

The fourth option
Through herokuapp

A very simple option, enter the address where there is Strava activity that we want to convert into a GPX file and that’s it. From this link

strava to GPX file


Note: It has been detected that in some GPX files, imported into GPS devices, there may be tracks parallel to the actual route. This happens in few occasions and depends on the GPS devices that have sent the GPX file to Strava. Following the track can cause some confusion at the crossings of tracks or trails, so watch, but half a turn.

What is a GPX file?

The GPX format is the standard way for storing map information on GPS devices. It is used in any device that is able to read or create this type of files. The data stored in this type of files is text. In it are data such as time and GPS coordinates. The format of the text is XML and this type of files can be viewed with a simple text editor.



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